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wall candle sconces

Wall candle sconces are a great way of displaying candles on the walls in the house. If your rooms have interior decoration, your interior decorator might suggest that you use wall candle sconces. It is possible to get a candle sconce made from brass, iron or wood. The plate, which will be screwed to the wall are often made from brass, plastic or metal.

Brass wall candle sconce

This type of sconce that comes alongside a hurricane lam gives an old-fashioned look when it is used as a candle holder. You will be able to get the ancient look in your house as you will feel safe and cozy in the room. The candle’s glow can keep you warm during the cold winter nights.


There are different styles of wall candle sconces. You could choose from the Victorian, art-deco, traditional or gothic style. It is possible to select a different style for a different room if you so wish. You might also want to pick another style for the wall along the staircase of your house. Even though the brass wall candle sconce described above is a great option, you might want to opt for a wooden or iron wall candle sconce that will still serve you well and go a long way to give you every benefit you can get from a wall candle sconce.

Traditional wall candle sconce

The traditional wall candle sconces contain glass hurricane lamps and are made out of wrought iron. They can also be made from plastic or Tiffany glass. There is also the option that comes with dripping crystals, so that they have the appearance of mini chandeliers. If you don’t want to use wax candles so close to your wall because of the smoke, you can opt for electric candles.