Use flowers wall stickers properly can bring big changes to your house.  Flower and grass football wall stickers for the spring, blue and yellow  full wall

Soccer Players Football Wall Stickers Soccer Wall Decal For Kids

Football wall stickers

Why football wall stickers?

Football Wall Stickers are the perfect addition to the room of any football crazy boy or girl! It not only makes the kid happy but also the parent as it can be removed when the child’s preferences change, since it is so easy to remove or change when they move onto the next phase.

How to use football wall stickers?

A child’s room is their personal space and can be used to motivate the child while making them feel safe, secure and happy. Having an image of their favorite football star or a football field or even just the football or the rules of the game, could motivate them to get out and play every day and follow in the footsteps of their idol! At the same time it makes them incredibly happy to see that you as a parent, listen to them and let them have their way. Easily a win-win!  It could easily add to the theme of the room, thus making decorating your child’s room a lot easier.


Wall stickers or decals are very simple to use. If needed, cut out the pieces if you want them placed differently, peel of the backing paper and neatly apply them on a cleaned wall surface, smoothening each piece to ensure there are no air bubbles and then slowly peel off the paper on the front and going over the sticker with a soft cloth to make sure the edges are firmly attached to the wall. Peeling them off, when you are moving out is easier, and just requires you to grab an end and slowly peel it off to ensure you don’t damage the wall paint.