Joselyn Small Wall Sconces Set Of Two Uttermost Candleholders regarding  dimensions 1500 X 1500

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Wall Mounted Candle Holders

Wall Mounted Candle Holder can enhance the look and style of your walls. It comes in many size, designs and styles to choose from. The key benefits to keep candles on the walls that it is not require to keep a shelf or table in a corner to make your room elegant, you just need to place holder on wall to bring out the beauty. It is also safe to keep out of reach from children and pets.

Here we have discussed about the Features, Safety Tips and from where you can buy wall mounted candle holders.


Wall mounted candle holders comes in wide range of pattern. A single holder can hold a single candle or multiple candles. It comes in different features like:

  • Mirrors or Crystals
  • Family Tree holders
  • Name plates of the family
  • Butterflies or any animals
  • Gothic iron patterns
  • Leaves in symmetrical patterns
  • Geometric or curves patterns

Wall mounted candle holders can be made with wood, glass, iron or many other designs with different sizes and shapes and it is more option and versatility when you choose the appropriate candle for your home décor.

Safety Tips:

It is very essential to keep in mind some safety tips of wall mounted candle holders before you fit them on your walls. It minimizes the risk of injury or fire.

  • You should always use proper hardware to mount holders so it cannot be lose or fall.
  • Ensure to keep safe distance and children and pets should not be reachable up to candles.
  • Keep a safe distance from wall as well to avoid candle uneven burning and drips.
  • Keep candles off when no one is at home.

From where you may buy wall mounted candles holders:

It is available in many super stores or home décor items showrooms, you may also find it on many online shop portals, you will find wide varieties of holders.