Lanterns & Candle Lanterns You'll Love
Floating Candle Lantern

lantern candle holders

The Lantern Candle Holder is hand crafted from metal with nice design which throws beautiful light when a candle is fitted into it. It is an ideal piece for the patio and can be fitted to the wall. Three or four such lanterns can provide all the light that you require in the patio. The light shines decoratively and can be used indoors or outdoors.

2 Piece Candle Holders

These 2 piece lantern candle holders are just nice for the outdoors whether it is the patio, deck or garden. It can be suspended from a pole. A pair costs around $44 with free shipping. It is in traditional French style and grey in colour. You can put candle in this lantern and hang it in the garden or deck to light up the place. But to be safe it is best to use LED lights like candle which flicker and wane but cannot cause any fire. If you like you can add a timer so that they come on when it gets dark and go off when it  is time for your bed.

Champagne Lanterns in Hexagonal Shape 

Champagne Lanterns in Hexagonal Shape are painted by hand with rust resistant finish. They are fitted with acrylic gems on the side for better effect and have hexagonal shape. They can be used indoors or outdoors. The metal used is iron with glass face. You can use LED candles in these lanterns and can be used in the sitting room or patio. These candles are safe and do not throw any wax.

Moroccan Candle Lanterns

If you want to give an unusual touch to your sitting room then you can use Moroccan candles which are not the ones seen usually. They will add a touch of the Middle East to your room. The candles are not very expensive so even a person on budget can afford. The lanterns are built with intricate metal work. and can be easily move to the pool side, patio or deck. These lanterns can be placed in flower beds to decorate the garden.

If you like to buy lantern candle holders, buy those that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.