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Personalized Wall Decals

Wall decals come in various shapes and sizes. There are thousands of wall decals available, they could be having quotes, superheroes, abstract art etc. But most of these even though they may look striking on the wall, will lack the personal touch. These after all your own walls. They sometimes need that personal touch to go with the decals. That’s where personalized wall decals come in. Wall decals that grace your walls and are meant only for you.

Here are some ideas of personalized wall decals that can spice up those blank walls of your home.

Anniversary Date: Fix up a mural of you and your spouse’s anniversary date on the wall. Personal and romantic, it reminds you of that unforgettable day of your life.

Anchor Wall: Another popular personalized wall decal is that of the anchor. This can either be only yours, or can have your partner on it too. A great way to show you both are anchored for life!

Just your name: Be it in blocks, blooming flowers, or on the back of a jersey. Choose the font that defines you best and the design to go along with it, and you have a personalized wall decal that would be your neighbour’s envy.

Sports personalized wall decals: If you’re a baseball or basketball fan, you can have a robust looking ball show on your wall. You can also opt for a helmet, a racquet etc. Of course, with your name alongside it, rendering it the personal touch.

For the Office: Personalized wall decals need not be confined to just your homes. Workplaces can be whacky interesting places too, and the usually drab walls of offices can be spruced up by personalized wall decals that are exclusive to the office, the industry, the teams that work there etc.