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Pillar Candle Holders

Pillar candle is the solid cylindrical mass of wax. It can be used in many occasions from candle light dinner to outdoor family party; it can be used as indoor and outdoor to enhance the atmosphere.

You can also transform your ordinary household items into Pillar Candle Holders and enhance your creativity. There are other different types of Pillar Candle Holders are available in the market and online portals. Following are the top holders which are available widely.

Glass Pillar Candle Holders:

Glass holders are available in many sizes and shapes and this type of holders fits in with all types of décor from rustic to modern. Major benefit of glass holders is that flame is safe from airflow and also safe from other household items.

Hurricane Pillar Candle Holders:

These types of holders are better choice for homes with children as they can surround the hot wax and candle. This type of holders is easy to restyle with flowers, wires, colored paper or multi colored ribbons.

Floor Standing Pillar Candle Holders:

Floor standing Pillar Candle Holders come in single holder with its other branches style so that you can keep other candles in it. It looks decent in living room and enhances your living style.

Metal Pillar Candle Holders:

Metal Pillar Candle Holders are durable, sturdy and attractive; it comes in many metals like Copper, Brass, Silver, Pewter and Wrought iron.

Availability of Pillar Candle Holders:

There are various places where you may find Pillar Candle Holders like super stores, home décor showrooms, online portals etc., you may get various different and unique style of Pillar Candle Holders on many websites within your budget and style. Apart from these, you may also try your creativity on your old household items; you can turn it to unique holders by using different ideas.