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Design your own Designer Candles

An easy way to add beauty to your room in adding candles to it. Today, candles are available in different designs and colors that can make the room look bold and beautiful. Candles are become so popular that even the designers have started making candles. Designer candles make the room look beautiful and elegant. If you are looking for the same expensive look in your room, you can make your own designer candles.

Wrap it:

First of all you need to add a layer to it with any of your favorite decorations. You can fix it using some fancy pins or gums. The decoration should be wrapped tightly so that it looks good. It can also be done with even and fabric strips. You may also recycle your useless shirt, blanket or dress for decorating candle.


Buttons aren’t only meant for garments. You can make use of them to create your own designer candles. Glue the buttons or attach them with ribbons. It will give a good look to your candles. Buttons can also be attached in shape of any image or design or to write anything.


If you want to make your own made designer candles look more interesting and attractive, you can try attaching some flowers to it. Make use of melted wax to attach the flowers. Apart from that, you can add some natural items for fragrant such as coffee beans.

At the end it is all about your creativity. Do whatever you want to do. Try different ways of making the candle look more beautiful and attractive. Make sure that you keep it safe for your safety. Keep it safe for your kids and house. If you need to lighten it, don’t attach flammable items to it.