Set of Two Decorative Brown Metal and Pear Glass Wall Sconce Candle Holde,r  Wall Lighting - Set of Two Pear Sconces, Perfect for a living room dining  room

Living Room Decorative Wall Sconce: Design Point Furniture

Decorative wall sconces

Decorative wall scones are used to provide flexibility in the lighting arrangement. Whenever you decide to do up your home or lighting, wall scones is a good option. They provide the room with visual aesthetics. Wall scones when combined with antic furniture add a timeless look to the setting.

Slim Hurricane Scones to bring in aesthetic appeal

The hurricane scone is made of bronze with a sleek design. It is lacquered to give it a shine and is perfect for walls which are slim. The finish of the scone is of satin nickel with a contemporary style. The metal holds the scone on the wall and the material of the holder is made of glass. It can be used in outdoor places like patios. Brass does not rust and will last for a long time. It does not require much maintenance.

Chandelier Wall Scones

Chandelier wall scones are nice to look at and give a decorative look to the room. They are ideal for living room, sitting room and bed room. It is crafted with metal and acrylic. The scroll work frame combines with many decors. The beautiful finish of this chandelier is perfect for the sitting room wall. You can see jewels hanging from three votive holders of   this wall chandelier. It costs around $ 48 with free shipping.

What Decorative Wall Scones can do to a Room?

Decorative wall scones can accentuate any area and can provide the required amount of light.. Wall scones help in energy saving in homes with the help of light dimmers. LED lights can be fitted into wall scones to get maximum lighting advantage. Decorative wall scones are functional as well as ornamental. They are ideal for illuminating a localized area. There are different types of scones like rotational and stationery.

If you want to give your home a new look choose decorative wall scones that fulfil your requirements.