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History of candles in decoration

Using candles to decorate your house is not a new technique that interior designers had come up with. But it is a decorating idea that has existed for hundreds and thousands years. First it was used due to the lack of electricity, to lighten up the home. But as its use became greater and greater many people started to take a dual function out of these candles. They started to keep decorative candles in their home so that it can give light and at the same time look good as well. So this shows that people of that age recognized its interior decoration potential. And they began to properly organize them in their houses so they can add elegance, beauty and style to your home.

Candles in Interior design

Interior designers comparatively being more innovative than our ancestors had successfully used candles to bring extra value to other beautifying objects  such as canvas, wallpapers,flowers, metal arts and use of colors. Candles are the most cheap decorative items that you can find very easily. And if you still  can’t afford to buy them. Then you can certainly make them yourself. Just using two to three items and a little bit instruction. There are very few things that are needed to make a candle, i.e. candle wax, mold, wax, additives. You can use all of this stuff and can make beautiful, decorative candles in no time.

Factors to look before Purchasing

There are certain factors that you should have to consider before purchasing candles for your home. The very first thing that you should  have clearly in your mind. The first of them is to know about your space. You should have a clear picture of your rooms, in which you have to decorate your candles. The other thing is that you should not put a decorative candle of one type in a single room, but also can mix things up by integrating different variety of candles in the room. One can also mix candles with flowers as it gives a more natural look to your room and will have a pleasant effect on your mood as well.