Viens Mirror Butterfly Transparent Dandelion Wall Decal

Ebern Designs Viens Mirror Butterfly Transparent Dandelion Wall

Dandelion Wall Decal

Why not other wall decals?

A dandelion wall decal, especially one with the dispersing seeds, is an image that appeals to most people. Therefore you cannot go wrong with choosing dandelion to adorn the walls of your home. Dandelion is associated with many positive things, the dispersing seeds are considered as wishes, the dispersing seeds travel a long distance so some use it to indicate that their love will travel far, similarly. Moreover, it is a very calming and delicate image and can make almost anyone happy to see it.

Ideas using Dandelion wall decals

The Dandelion as a wall decal is very diverse. Just the puff ball part of the dandelion, can be used above the headboard of your bed or above the sofa in the living space. A dandelion wall decal with dispersing seeds can be used over two walls, to build a continuity of the design onto two empty walls. Smaller dandelion images together can be used similarly to a wall paper.


Wall stickers or decals are very simple to use. If needed, cut out the pieces if you want them placed differently, peel of the backing paper and neatly apply them on a cleaned wall surface, smoothening each piece to ensure there are no air bubbles and then slowly peel off the paper on the front and going over the sticker with a soft cloth to make sure the edges are firmly attached to the wall. Peeling them off, when you are moving out is easier, and just requires you to grab an end and slowly peel it off to ensure you don’t damage the wall paint.

Dandelion wall decals are probably one of the most sought after designs due to the grace and beauty it adds in such a simple way.