Pillar candles

The candle which has a rigid wax that makes sure that the candles stand all alone in a bowl or on a platform without melting into a flabby muddle is known to be a pillar candle. These candles are present in different sizes, shapes and can have a great height …

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Gel Candles

If you like candles, you will love to see their beautiful varieties. Candles change the way a place looks. You can light these candles are changing the appearance of the house. With wonderful candles, you can get the desired effect. Gel candles are one of the most popular candle varieties. …

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Unique Eternity Oil Unity Candle set with 15 Design Options! Click to  enlarge

Unity candles

A very recent addition to the wedding ceremony is the lighting of unity candles which symbolizes the joining together of two individuals and two families. It is a reflective moment when everybody is silent and the music comes on and the mother of the bride goes to light the candle. …

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Votive Candles

The beautiful varieties of candles are mesmerizing. If you like using candles, you must be aware of its many variations. You will be pleased to see lovely candles around you. Their lovely shapes and sizes make people fall in love with them. You can have many wonderful candles. Votive candles …

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Eastland Glass Pillar Plate Round 4” Set of 12

Candle Plates

As quite a while devoted sweetheart of candles and candle plates, it is exciting to get endowments of two flawless candles plates. They were both totally flawless and from two individuals who knows their job perfectly. It was intriguing to perceive how the candles were selected and decorated. Iridescent glass …

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Joselyn Small Wall Sconces Set Of Two Uttermost Candleholders regarding  dimensions 1500 X 1500

Wall Mounted Candle Holders

Wall Mounted Candle Holder can enhance the look and style of your walls. It comes in many size, designs and styles to choose from. The key benefits to keep candles on the walls that it is not require to keep a shelf or table in a corner to make your …

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Chrysanthemum Silver Candlesticks by Tiffany & Co.


If you use candles often, you will know that using them can be difficult at times. Candles can get hot really fast. The melting wax can cause a burn on your hand. Hence, you should be careful while using candles. There are some easy ways in which you can avoid …

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Eastland Chunky Tealight Candle Holder Blue Set of 12

tealight Candle Holders

Tealights candle holders are widely available in metal or plastic made base which holds the candle. However, it comes in many other types like Ceramic, Glass, Mirrored, Mosaic, Metal etc. It comes in different shapes. Specially, use of such holders to hold and candles and it designed to enhance the …

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metal candle holders

Before the advent and popularity of electricity, candles were generally used as a source of light. In terms of this, candle holders were more of a functional item than for decorative purposes. In recent times however, electricity has been able to mostly replace the use of candles. There are however …

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Wooden candle holders Rustic heart candle holders Decorative

Wood Candle Holder

Candles are very much inn these days and so as the candle holders. When it comes to candle holders, the best option for you is wood candle holder. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why a wood candle holder is a smart choice. Elegant and romantic: The wood candle …

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