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Usually, wax candlesticks are the most common types of candle all around the world, as they are the type that are used the most frequently for lighting, before electricity and bulbs took their place. In recent times, there are other candles that are made from other materials, as they do not necessarily have to be made from wax. One of the most popular types of candlestick that is quickly replacing the wax candlestick is the glass candlestick. This is due to the benefits that this type of candlestick has to offer. Some of the benefits are discussed below.


Usually glass candlesticks are generally more beautiful looking than was candlesticks or most other types of candlesticks. They come in different colors with some of them looking transparent. Hanging this type of candlestick in your candle sconce usually give a very great and lovely look to your house. You can look for the color that goes well with your interior decoration and the candle sconce that you have bought for it.


If you intend to use your glass candlestick for light purposes, you can go for the electric types that run of battery. With this, you don’t have to bother about fire hazards or about the smoke from the candle blackening your wall and your roof, with the need for more frequent repainting. You will be able to get the benefit of the lighting without the disadvantage of your house burning down if there is any error.

Better air

When using candle wax, the smoke from the candle, when it is lit, will lead to air pollution in the room. When you are using glass candlesticks however, you cannot use fire with them, since it is not meant for such purpose. You will subsequently not have to bother about the air pollution from the candle.