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Bamboo wall decals , Tree Wall Decal Wall Sticker Vinyl Art- home

Wall Sticker Art

Wall Sticker Art

Wall sticker art is also called wall decals. It is a decorative sticker for walls and any other smooth surface. The actual substance which is used to make the wall stickers is called vinyl which could be divided into three categories calendered, cast and polymeric.

Life Time of Wall Sticker Art

The main difference between these groups is the procedure of manufacturing which as a result affect its life time. For instance, wall stickers made of calendered vinyl could last for 5 years while the stickers which are made from cast could last longer time between 8 to 10 years depending on the colour and if it is exposed to the sun.

For instance, applying a black wall sticker art to a window of a house or even a car. As a result, it could last for about 8 years. While wall decals which are made from eco solvent inks, it’s life time are shorter than 3 years if used for outdoor purposes. In addition, wall decals which are made of latex inks or thermal colour printer could have longer life time.

Benefits of Wall Sticker Arts

Wall sticker arts has many benefits more than its affordable prices and it does not need a team to perform it like in painting walls which could be transferred to a mess. First of all, it is very cheap if compared to the other types of wall decoration. For example, painting walls and wallpapers. In addition, you could choose the design and colour from various designs which will fit your room and add a fantastic look to your home. Also, wall sticker arts are popular in all physical and online stores which deliver the product directly to your home. Secondly, this kind of wall decals is made of a high quality vinyl material which could last for years without any need for replacement. Furthermore, if you get bored of that design or even want to change its place to apply it anywhere else. It is easy to do that without affecting the painting of the walls.