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Unique candle holders

There is a large collection of candle holders that you can choose to decorate your home or your patio. Some of these unique candle holders look attractive in a traditional or contemporary home setting. Enhance your living room with unique candle holders on the mantel piece.

Mother of Pearl Candle Holder

This candle holder is simple to look at with a nice style. It has a flat base which can hold it firmly on the ground. It is ideal to be placed on the side of the fire place or on the side of the three seat sofa. Whenever you are entertaining or having friends over you can place candles to provide a nice ambiance. They are ideal to be given as gifts to friends who are setting up a home. They will also enhance your dining room if placed on the side of the four corners of the table.

A Unique Candle Holder that can make your Candle last Twice as Long

This unique candle holder is used for wax candles. The holder has a hollow stalk, and as the candle is used and the wax melts it goes and gets collected in the hollow stalk. The hollow stalk also has a wick. As the wax collects it hardens. When the candle is used the stalk can be opened and the candle that is formed of the used wax can be lit. This is an environment friendly way of making best use of the candle.

Hurricane Glass Candle Holder

The candle holder is a handmade piece which is very attractive. It is made up of wood base of maple wood which has a natural finish of walnut oil. It is around 8.5” tall and 4.35” wide. It has a hurricane glass which is around 7.25” long. The glass can be removed and fitted back in place. Depending on the size of the candle you can  get the hurricane glass top.

If you like to have candles around your home you can pick some unique candle holders to decorate your place