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removable wall decals

Man is born with artistic instincts, it is proved by many creative works that man had done ranging from Taj Mehal to the Pyramids. Similarly is with the many other artistic things  that man had created and will be used for different purposes. Wall decal is an analogous thing that is very beautiful and creative and its gaining appreciation each and every day since it started being used. This article will tell you what actually are a wall decal, its types and how to choose the best wall decal.

History of wall decal

Early in ancient times people used to display their art in the form of wall art. This art was displayed in the form ancient wall paintings, murals and architectural designs. But these ancient wall paintings and murals were far from the reach of common people. So as the time passed many people transformed their art into much more affordable and practical forms. This gave rise to  wall decals, that has now become essentials for the décor of a house.

What is Wall decal

Wall decals, also called as “Wallies” or stickers. They are made of laminates or vinyl matte. They are intended to be applied on the room walls as ornaments, paints or wallpapers change the room setting.

Types of Wall decals

Wall decals come in different sizes such as 30cmx 50cm,60cmx100cm and 100cmx100cm. Most of them are removable wall decals, it means that they can be peeled off and used again and again. It is preferred for those who are freshers and do not have much experience with the wall decals.  They can be fixed to any smooth surface such as glass, tile or concrete wall.

When set out to buy removable wall decals, make sure that you are clear on the objective behind purchasing it. You should know where to affix it and whether it could look good or not. Having the right measurements is also an important factor in purchasing wall decals.