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Glass Candle Holder

Glass candle are being used since many centuries. It uses in home décor, churches, restaurants and many other places to enhance the beauty of the rooms and walls.

Over the times, the use of Glass candles has been increased and we find the new pattern and designs daily on websites or in home décor showrooms. Manufacturers also keep launching unique patterns frequently. Usually, you may find the complete range on online portals.

Glass candle holders come in vast array of shapes, colors, material and sizes. It is depends on buyers for which purpose or occasion they wish to buy. We have mentioned some types of glass candle holders here which are popular and widely available in the market. Here we have given a brief detail about the Glass Candle Holders.


It is designed specifically for tapered candles; it catches the melted wax drips. Some holders come with a tray inside to catch drips of wax. however, some holders do not have such trays.

Fitted Candle Holder

This type of holder comes in many varieties of materials. It sized to fit the size of a certain candle. The main benefits of fitted candle holders are that the melting wax drips completely contained in the holder itself.

Open Glass Candle Holders

This type of holder that is open from all the sides, the base of such holder is wide enough to catch the melting drips from the candles. It comes in tall stand from the ground or it can also hang on the ceiling.

There are many different styles and patterns of glass candle holders are available in the market, you may easily find it in the super stores or home décor showrooms, you may also find a wide variety in the online stores. There are many different use of candles, you may buy according to your need an style.